Hipster vampire drinks blood before it's cool.

REJECTED. For sale - stipancicjosh[at]yahoo.com


  • Miguel Abreu

    Like this one a lot, hope someone grabs it!
  • Joshua Jordan

    Miguel Abreu said:Like this one a lot, hope someone grabs it!

    Thanks Miguel! It was something new compositionally, and I'm pretty pleased with it myself.
  • PitchGrim

    Pretty sweet.
  • Joshua Jordan

    PitchGrim said:Pretty sweet.

    Thanks a lot dude!
  • gaunty

  • chad manzo

  • Joshua Jordan

    gaunty said:Noice

    chad manzo said:LOOOOOOOVEEE.

    Appreciate it, you handsome devils.
  • Butch the Butcher

    cant believe this was rejected! :D
  • ThroughTheTrees

    not keen on the baseball tee but otherwise a nice illustration!
  • Joshua Jordan

    Thanks a lot guys. FYI, I posted a tee mock on my tumblr for those who'd like to see that version too.

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