• Colemadethis

    i need yours brain? if you are going to design in english maybe you should learn proper english... design tip of the day.
  • Little_Lala

    Looks awesome!

    Font's a little difficult to read ( I went top to bottom, left to right because there's no connection between the speech bubbles), maybe pop it all on one side in one speech bubble with 'your' instead of 'yours'?

    Would love to be able to see the writing on the hat more. How about popping it on the inside of the cap instead?

    Maybe push the 'Zombie' banner down a little so we can see more of that too? If you move the banner down you could show the stomach of the character and make it really skinny to emphasise just how much he needs the brain foods!

    Ok, thanks!
  • jimmybreen

    I thought Mintees was supposed to get rid of this type of crap?
  • RustyEight

    jimmybreen said:I thought Mintees was supposed to get rid of this type of crap?

    For the most part... its separated out of the main tee page. But, crap can still be posted up for critiques.
  • streetsampachanya

    Thanks, Little_Lala for the good critique. ^__^

    Thanks every master of design for your advice. I know i'm weak on english language but i don't care because my important language of my life is thai language and i know i'm a rookie of this website, for this reason i want many useful critiques not snuff critiques.

    However, thanks every critiques for my crap design and i hope every critiques from everyone its develop my skill and my crap design.

    Thanks. (Sorry for wrong grammar of english language) ^__^

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