GOD is good!
December 20, 2011 Shirt of the Day
"King of the Night" my 5th print YAY!


  • Anthony Smith

    Favorite of yours so far... superb work!
  • mike.arthur

    the details is rules so hard..looks like made from pencil, is it manual workin?
  • qetza

    Looks awesome congrats!
  • dandingeroz

    thanks a lot guys!
    @mike.arthur yep its a sketch + colored in photoshop :D
  • skitchman

    great Dan
  • Zappa

    nice work!u just scan ur sketch and colored it?did u retrace it or what?
  • Bregel

    Diggin the owl. Owl's the new wolf perhaps?? ;)
    and Amen, God IS good!

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