A mostly completed design i made for Sentry Clothing, a project i hope to launch soon. I haven't decided if I'm going to use any color in the design or not... The idea of the design is that we are willingly blind to a lot of the evil that surrounds us, and hopefully it serves as an encouragement to open our eyes and lose our ignorance. I am more than open to critiques! I'd love to hear your thoughts, thanks.

  • Andrew Haines

    Definitely practice anatomy, that face and head need some help
  • Michaelbhowarth

    Thanks for the feedback, any specific advice on what looks off?
  • ThroughTheTrees

    Andrew Haines said:Definitely practice anatomy, that face and head need some help

    the whole design needs work really. but the face is way out. do some life drawing so you can get used to drawing faces, and familiarise yourself with the shape of the facial features
  • Michaelbhowarth

    Thanks for the input, I'll try and fix those issues

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