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  • Glojors

    great, love this one!
  • TenTimesKarma

  • Namsing

    TenTimesKarma said:amazing!
  • Jorge Gutierrez

    this is to good! :D
  • Raf The Might

    Glojors said:great, love this one!
  • choppre

  • qetza

    Thanks guys
  • vinbasshred

    if it doesn't win, you should just print it and make all the money.
  • jonjot

    wow...good job...i like your detail :)
  • TwinSrpnt


    How many colors is this? Interesting story about Coyolxauhqui.
  • ThirstyFly

    Really innovative.
  • lazyeye

    Well done qetza! You really finish your pieces well.
  • qetza

    @ Vinbasshred - Good idea, we'll see how it goes.

    @ TwnSprnt - 6-7 colors

    Thanks ThirstyFly - I hope it does well over at TL

    Thanks Lazyeye - It's something I work on for sure because half the time when I start them, Idk where they're going.
  • Killer Napkins

    wow this is excellent!
  • dzeri29

  • TwinSrpnt

    Cool, if it prints, I'll take 2.
  • qetza

    Thanks Killer Napkins!
  • qetza

    Thanks dzeri29!
  • qetza

    TwinSrpnt said:Cool, if it prints, I'll take 2.

  • skitchman

    fantastic dude
  • Rial Demones

    this Great!!
  • Klimas

    Well done, it's really amazing :)
  • ridiculousart

    skitchman said:fantastic dude
  • Lycan08

    Nice design :)

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