$10.00 use code "rage" for extra savings.
12x12in DTG print on choice of
Light Blue, Light Yellow, Pink +$1
Black +$3.99
(Don't ask about pricing, or print size, or print method, it's out of my hands) sigh.
I get $1 per sale so if you can spare $10 I would appreciate it.

  • x Nau x

  • Jake DL

    Saw this earlier on facebook. Awesome
  • Christopher Lovell

    Wonderful style!
  • tager01

    This is entitled to some love!!!
  • Vedz

    It's look like u made a batik pattern though :)
  • taki tricks

    Christopher Lovell said:Wonderful style!

    Bro Howd you do this? This is amazing!

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