Did this originally for Bas1c Skateboards but since the guys are not responding for a while now, i'm letting this go. Send me a mail if you are interested. Thanks for looking!


  • drop

  • Ciro

    Ha great
  • Haniel

    Combo delight.
  • Brock May

    haha awesome.
  • fopifopi

    Brock May said:haha awesome.
  • SoapAndWaterCo

    this is awesome
  • rasefour

    this is cool! love the typo.
  • drop

    thanks guys!
  • AJSmith

    looks like the pack of cigs is smokin a doob, sweet
  • mike.arthur

    the typo is rules hard
  • Klimas

    This one is really nice :)
  • Craic

    how much?

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