Some hand drawn type for my brothers punk vinyl shop in Portland, OR.

  • RoonKill

    love it dude!
  • atomicchild

    noice man
  • Andrew Haines

    Loved this in the sketches thread. Awesome man
  • deekin

    Thanks y'all!
    Wasn't sure if I would post this as a tee, it wasn't designed to be one.
    But I thought it looked pretty wearable...
  • Chreck

    very attractive.
  • bleet

    Some of the D lines are a bit thin in comparison to the rest.
  • gaunty

    Been following this all over the net. Really nice stuff.
  • drop

    Chreck said:very attractive.
  • saltydog

    Logo tees are the strongest in my opinion. Well done, this works well across all platforms.
  • martinNZ09

    Love this design, saw it in sketches and definately works on a shirt

    The small accents at the beginning and end really set it off IMHO
  • Jake DL

    always impressed with your stuff

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