A fortune teller reveals the fate of one unlucky customer. Text is just a mock, hit me up if you want it: brockmayillustration@gmail.com

  • Brock May

  • ChrisNeal

    absolute dopeness.
  • RoboPickle

    For some reason this reminds me of the mechanical genie from flapjack. Awesome dude.
  • drop

    love it!
  • chriskillerartworx

    finally a new one from you! sick!
  • Brock May

    chriskillerartworx said:finally a new one from you! sick!

    I posted like 3 other new ones too mang, where ya been haha?!
  • Andrew Haines

  • Brock May

    Andrew Haines said:DO. POSTERS. ASAP.

    haha alrighty!
  • lineart3asshole

    Like son of a bitch asshole

    I can RIP this for 1 minute LOL

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