I just did a bunch of Christmas designs for some bands on Impericon.
So stoked with the briefs and here's one of them.
Hope you guys dig it.

  • Tom Philibeck

    different from your normal style, but it turned out great. the stripes on the surfbord look a bit off.
  • drop

    love it, especially the beard and the water!
  • Brock May

    this is so cool dude!
  • itcamefromthesky

    I love this style for you! So money!
  • markusmanson

    Thanks guys

    @Tom: i hear you, I didn't notice it till you point it out though
  • Balefire

    itcamefromthesky said:I love this style for you! So money!

    But still love the usual style as well!
  • Obscure

    looks great markus, nice to see you can adapt your skill to any brief without having to put a skull with lightning in it hehe
  • TenTimesKarma

    great job man.

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