Second piece I did for the latest MB range.

  • Smiths Canvas

    Before we simplified it, the letters started off with a little more, depth.
  • SamLarson

    Perfect. Nice job man.
  • HarryDiaz

  • horacekjoe

    totally diggin it
  • deekin

  • kevinandersson

    perfect man!
  • Betraydan

  • Sam Weinberg

  • bleet

    simpler was a good choice, nice one
  • Zeb Love

    Really wish this wasn't sold out in my size. any chance of a re-print?
  • HaydnChapman

    Great job! I'm just not feeling the model.
  • JJRanara

    Like the simple design, I think it would look good when you got the depth at a darker shade of blue, to make it look like a shadow. All in all this one is good!
  • Biffcreative

    Sweet stuff

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