Church of Science. Flipped the design i posted a while back to work on dark.

  • kayas

    beautiful etched piece~
  • monkeyballz

    freakin awesome!
  • Art of Cyn

    Very tight!
  • sicovercast

  • toohard88

    wow this is cool!
  • skeletorART

    nice work!
  • robertXrules

    great stuff....way over priced
  • cuppatee

    robertXrules said:great stuff....way over priced

    Thats the going rate in New Zealand. With the recent crash of USD and rise of NZD, our prices are now really high to people in the States (presuming your in the States that is) :-(

    Still, thanks folks for all your kind words, glad you like.
  • UrbanPrey

    Great work - I love black & white designs...

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