9 print colours.

  • Design by Disorder

    very nice Greg...spooky
  • Brock May

    favorite from you man
  • Massanisso

    Digging the colors man. Can't wait to see the 1000th.
  • Megahate

    whoooo...spooky theme now...still funny :D, nice one!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Design by Disorder!
    Thanks Brock May!
    Thanks Massanisso!
    Thanks Megahate!
  • cherrypistols

    This is amazing!
  • taki tricks

    really sweet,greg!!
  • heat.

  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Cherrypistols!
    Thanks Taki!
    Thanks Heat!
  • Chreck

    definitely my favorite.
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Chreck!
  • Mat Pringle

    Really nice composition, style and colours - rad!

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