5 colors on a black T. Sold!!!!

  • chad manzo

    dudddddde. glad to see you on here. welcome!!!!
  • Show Me Tees

  • cherrypistols

    Man, this is so awesome! :)
  • bleet

  • weirdmoyo

    love that stroke style
  • Obscure

  • Curtis Illustration

    Thanks everyone. I've been checking out this site for a while. There is some great work here!
  • domeh

    wow, awesome image
  • Curtis Illustration

    Thanks Domeh. That means a lot coming from you.
  • cityhall

    Your portfolio is kind of epic
  • Killer Napkins

    cityhall said:Your portfolio is kind of epic

    Uhh yeah, just checked that out.. crazy awesome (digital?) paintings man.. diggin' this design as well
  • domeh

    Ow wow Curtis, im nothing. yep there was a crazy digital painting there. Love the " Slayer " and " Full blown Chaos design ".

    Damn, this is beastly. All your work is!
  • Curtis Illustration

    Thanks guys. I'm glad to be on the site with all of you. The paintings on my site are in oil paint, or monochromatic marker renderings that are digitally colored. There might be the occasional watercolor painting as well.
  • Tom Philibeck

    absolute genius!
  • Vedz

    Hilarious but fun :) Nice colors ..
  • sweetsbrutal

  • kayas

    damn! everything clear and clean.
    you must be the patient guy.
  • Erchu

    so good!
  • forstar

    This is pretty killer...is it for sale?
  • 1000eyesdesign

  • Curtis Illustration

    Thanks guys! Forstar, I don't have shirts for sale but the design is for sale if anybody wants it.
  • toohard88

    so good!
  • DCAY

    i want this on my body.
  • Grimalkin

    that's good !

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