Seriously though, FUCK WINDOWS.
Drew it all by hand and Mole With Hair colored it in.

  • RustyEight

    100% Hand drawn!

    Some of my favorite VNM stuff.
  • Cutty.

    So awesome.
  • TenTimesKarma


    This is fucking amazing. But i refuse to like it as i don't want to be knocked off the top spot of today's tees.
  • A.Merkison

    Damn, I was really hoping this was drawn by foot.
  • Joe Dirt

    one of the best things ive seen
  • Design by Disorder

    I think my eyeballz have boners
  • cityhall

    Another incredible hand job by Horsebites. This is so badass
  • PitchGrim

  • justinryan

    justinryan said:RIP steve jobs


    RustyEight said:100% HAND DRAWN!!!1!1!one!!!1!!
  • Brock May

    sooo good
  • Tom Philibeck

    so incredibly rad
  • kayas

    Tom Philibeck said:so incredibly rad

    so incredibly RAD
  • 13UG-13th

    PitchGrim said:Insane!
  • Royal

    Brock May said:sooo good
  • Setup85

    fuck em
  • Craig Robson

    RustyEight said:100% Hand drawn!

    hahah old school!
  • Obscure

    God Bless you Horsebites, God bless all of you!
  • Ciro

    56 and yeah i like this !!
  • JeffByNight

    seriously one of my favorite things on this site in awhile
  • essarr1972

    damn hand drawn....thats awsome bro..incredible detail..
  • skeletorART

    JeffByNight said:seriously one of my favorite things on this site in awhile
  • horsebites

    Hand drawn. Not sure if I said that yet.
  • challen14

  • JeffByNight

    i bet this was fun to color
  • horsebites

    Thanx for all the nice comments dudes!
  • _starryeyez_

    Cutty. said:So awesome.

    Bigger art (cause it rules), and lesser text (cause the art says it all).

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