did a bunch of stuff for their fall tour, this one was unaccepted.

  • Make Believe

    So good! Can't wait to see what they approved.
  • Craig Robson

    thats cool!
  • Brock May

    really dig this!
  • Deformed Giraffe

    Love it.
  • TenTimesKarma

  • Sam Kaufman

    Very nice
  • jumpy

    another gem
  • chriskillerartworx

    colours and idea are too good on this one!
  • Setup85

  • kayas

    chriskillerartworx said:colours and idea are too good on this one!
  • RustyEight

    I don't think I've ever said this about you, but I can see why this one was rejected. I just don't think this fits for a shirt design. Might make cool album art or a poster, but it kind of makes for a lame shirt IMO.
  • Massanisso

    Really a fan of the overlapping.
  • hanywahdan


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