typo tee for ben's new brand stay dead.

  • G_finkelson

    Hmmmmm... Where have I heard "Lads on Tour" before?

    Oh yeah, from Oliver Sykes video series he made on his recent tour with his Bring Me The Horizon!

    And "Stay Dead" has no relation to "Drop Dead" now does it?

    C'mon, be a little more clever bro.
  • chriskillerartworx

    G_finkelson said:C'mon, be a little more clever bro.

    thanks for your comment! but hey this was commissioned by the client.
  • G_finkelson

    Ahhh I understand. Amazing design, I just wish it didn't bear so much resemblance to Oliver Sykes work :(

    But hey if thats what the client wanted, it's cool. :)
  • cherrypistols

    'Lads on tour' is a saying that has been used for years.

    I can see the reasons that you might think the word Stay Dead is like Drop Dead
    as they both have two words, two syllable and the second word is Dead!

    Get Dead, The Dead, Living Dead, Play Dead ect. ect.

    You made an account just to voice your ingnorance you my friend should Stay Dead!
  • G_finkelson

    I never said the design wasn't good, but seeing all these things together struck a chord for me.
  • belowtheline

    Seriously. Shut your face you troll. Finkelson... where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, Finkelstein! Way to rip off someone else's last name you plagiarizing hack!

    Excellent type work! Really clean design!
  • G_finkelson

    Ha, my last names Finkelson, suck my dick.
  • jumpy

  • chriskillerartworx

    nice conversation :)
  • Massanisso

    I'm really loving the typography and colors of this design. Solid!

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