One color design commissioned and approved by Decoder.

Email me if you are interested in working with me, thanks!

  • augie

    looks pretty good, josh.
  • agung maskund

    yeah,this good!

    augie said:looks pretty good, josh.
  • TenTimesKarma

    cool. would wear
  • Jason Carne

    Prefer the single color version in the background, but this is pretty nice Josh.
  • horacekjoe

    I'm enjoying this one, esp the one color
  • Joshua M.

    Thanks everyone! I'll see what the band thinks of the one color version.
  • Nick H.

    I agree with Jason. The one color definitely draws me in more. I prefer it on heather gray as well.
  • RobotTiger

    ooo, sweetness
  • Joshua M.

    Thanks guys. Updated the mock, definitely like this version better.
  • Glenn

    Digging it!
  • Betraydan

    nice! indians are becoming popular.

  • jeremiah was a

  • Tee Project

    jeremiah was a said:Awesome!
  • Joshua M.

    Thanks guys! Really appreciate it.

    fits so much on grey tee.
  • Matt Borchert

    Love the image x1000, just wondering why that shape for the type on the bottom. Any certain things running through your head, or it just seemed to fit to you?
  • Joshua M.

    The shape just seemed to fit. I had tried a couple other things but they were leaving an awkward empty space.
  • LeefLabs

    Huge fan of plain one-color art, if its done right. Good work.
  • Betraydan

    Don't know how I missed this. It's great!
  • CBS-Ink

    Great use of empty space!

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