Luke has got a few variations of the logo on his site and I hope to be doing some custom variations soon. go check em out.

  • atomicchild

    you do good work sir
  • cityhall

    Awesome dude!
  • DCAY

  • cuppatee

    Cool ant
  • Obscure

    Nice Colin!!!
  • sockmonkee

  • jumpy

    cool, dig this colour combo

    Thats the best their logo has ever looked
  • gaunty

    Thanks everyone.
  • YemaYema

  • popmonkey

    Excellent branding!
  • ithew

  • TIRI

    love it
  • gaunty

    Cheers for the love and comments.
  • Tom Philibeck

    Has a sweet classic feel to it. Really rad stuff.
  • chad manzo

    Tom Philibeck said:Has a sweet classic feel to it. Really rad stuff.
  • iloveantix

    Hey - thanks for all the positive feedback guys! Really awesome work Colin!!
  • Thorleopard

    so cool bro really good work here

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