Trying something new,
c&c are welcome
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  • domeh

  • agung maskund

    love it
  • domeh

    Thanks Agung..
  • Victra

    Love this beautiful and eerie all in one <3
  • 13UG-13th

    Love Ur line :)
  • rasefour

    awesome. prefer the grey version..
  • domeh

    thanks a lot Victra.
    thanks 13UG-13th.
    thanks rasefour.

    Victra said:Love this beautiful and eerie all in one <3
  • Greg Abbott

  • ThirstyFly

    Extremely cool drawing. So unique.

    aww man!this is so awesome
  • domeh

    thanks flaming skull
    thanks Greg, glad you like it.
    Thannks ThirstyFly
    Thanks Kristopaper
  • xic

    neat pen skills man , cool concept
  • domeh

    thanks Xic

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