Illustration I made for stickers back in May for Uni, available if anyone wants one.

  • Brock May

    This is really, really rad man.
  • thecritosbel

    I do, awesome

  • ChrisNeal

    Cheers guys, really stoked on the support, the stickers are about 5 inches across and on weird gardening plastic stuff because the whole thing was done in a day with whatever i could find at uni. drop me an email if you're still interested
  • Obscure

    Nice man!
  • Miguel Abreu

    E-mailed ya! Love this one!
  • Dr_Worm

    Whoa this is really sick.
  • Joshua Jordan

  • Vedz

    For sometimes i wonder what is this figuring out ..
  • Stijn Van Belle

    I really really like this one man
  • chad manzo

  • Tom Philibeck

    One of your best along with the last tee you posted.
  • migy

  • jeremiah was a

    This is really cool

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