Also known as Into the Thicket! For Enclothe's Summer line. Super glad to be able to contribute!

  • brian

    Details of the lantern:
  • PitchGrim

    So good!
  • Adhesive Hippo

    Love the colors
  • kevinluong

    Into The Thicket, Part 1!

    Came out great. I always think the fox is doing this when I see it

  • popmonkey

    This is gorgeous. Very nice job!
  • Chreck

    love this!

    popmonkey said:This is gorgeous. Very nice job!
  • againstbound

  • agung maskund

    popmonkey said:This is gorgeous. Very nice job!
  • Jorge Gutierrez

    i love this!
  • mathiole

  • kayas

    like it!
  • ndrue182

    good looking :)
  • Balefire

  • TenTimesKarma

    that's a pretty good looking shirt right there! skills!
  • Greg Abbott

  • domeh

    wow, so good..
  • mark bennett

    foxes are my favorite
  • dougie

  • Andrew Haines

    Really good man
  • NVasion

    great work
  • HugoDiaz

    A quick brown fox :)
  • Obscure

    really nice!
  • okik

    popmonkey said:This is gorgeous. Very nice job!
  • Who is Ryan C.

  • horacekjoe

    wow! I really love it
  • brian

    Thanks a lot, everyone!
  • babix

    crazy good!
  • augie

    popmonkey said:This is gorgeous. Very nice job!
  • deekin

  • 13artwork

  • KimberleyK

  • Enclothe

    This came out so perfect, love your work! Always great to work with you

    Also, somehow I didn't know the name was Into the Thicket or I would've called it that because it's a great name.
  • brian

    Thanks everyone!

    @Enclothe: Thanks, and always a pleasure. haha, no prob!
  • roovie

  • Rockhart

    This is amazing!!!
  • kevinluong

    Congrats on TOTD!
  • augie

    i want this on my wall
  • jeremiah was a

    Obscure said:really nice!
  • Vedz

    Very nice ..
    Love to see this anyway :)
    kevinluong said:

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