done for Silence Theory
finished in 6 colors

hope you guys enjoy

  • popmonkey

    Awesome. Love.
  • Greenway

    thanx dude..
  • domeh

    good job greenway
  • Greenway

    thanx Tommy..
  • alan irawan

    i will say " sweet monster " really nice colour.. love it..
  • Design by Disorder

    i really love that left hand...great job.
  • 13UG-13th

    Awesome love ur cols :)
  • ergh

    THIS DOPE :)
  • agung maskund

    popmonkey said:Awesome. Love.
  • mathiole

    reminds me of greg capullo's style on spawn, very nice!
  • Greenway

    thanx so much guys for appreciating.

    @mathiole. = yea dude, thanx. he's one of my influences.
  • edge

    impressive color work
  • markusmanson

    you're the man!
  • Greenway

    thanx Mark..
  • jeremiah was a

    Neat! love the flow of this.
  • rasefour

    impresive.. dig it dude.. keep it up.
  • Greenway

    thanx so much buddy
  • oblivion^

    Exellent work , very cool....
  • regalbiscuit


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