2 color design. Trying to use other shirt colors besides black and white.

  • Setup85

    Someone Auto Approve.
  • brian

    Also mocked it up on hunter green and as a single-color heather variant.

  • brian

    Hahaha, thanks Setup85!
  • kevinluong

    Setup85 said:Someone Auto Approve.
  • TheyreGonnaEatMeAlive

    Would make a great lynyrd skynyrd tee
  • jeremiah was a

    Loving all your work as of recent, awesome stuff.
  • Who is Ryan C.

    Love it!
  • agung maskund

    so awesome!
  • sydfly

    perfect shading, love it :)
  • Betraydan

    nice work.

    agung maskund said:so awesome!
  • Design by Disorder

    Really nice
  • Craig Robson

    super good!
  • toothfeather

    Was the original illustration all done digitally?
    or did you draw it by hand and scan it in?
    If drawn and scanned, what size was your original drawing?
    just curious.

    This is phenomenal by the way.
  • brian

    Thanks guys!

    @toothfeather: Yea, the original piece was done digitally, sans the scanned in watercolor textures. Thanks!
  • roovie

    jeremiah was a said:Loving all your work as of recent, awesome stuff.
  • chad manzo

    i envy how you make 'simple' objects look extremely fantastic.
  • brian

    Thanks roovie, spykeee26, and chad!
  • kayas

    i dont get it, but this is awesome!
  • dandingeroz

  • horacekjoe

    amazing detail
  • lazyeye

    You have some really subtle shading going on that is fantastic! Nice work.

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