Personal piece. Two colors. The fur came out looking a little too Horkey-ish, in my opinion.

  • brian

    Also comes in a lighter, three color flavor. Looks better as a poster print.

  • kevinluong

    Noice. The feet look like hands creeping out of a robe, which is totally rad.
  • Glenn

    Great stuff!
  • TwinSrpnt

    I like the colored version the most. Really cool design.

    Where's part 1?
  • brian

    Thanks everyone. Hopefully I'll be able to reveal part 1 later this month!
  • popmonkey

    Super cool, super tight!
  • Vedz

    Lookin' good in black.
  • cityhall

    super impressive
  • Design by Disorder

    Looks great as a poster print
  • 8-bit ZOMBIE

    Wow, this is so nice. It's got a real sense of movement and the detail is amazing.
  • jeremiah was a

    Love it
  • chad manzo

    love this! colored version is stupid sick.
  • WinterArtwork

    I had to tweet about how awesome this is -->!/WinterArtwork
  • Andrew Haines

    chad manzo said:love this! colored version is stupid sick.
  • cingo

  • brian

    thanks a lot everyone! Major thank you, WinterArtwork!
  • vinbasshred

  • 13UG-13th

    Nice line :)
  • markusmanson

  • Luke Tarrant

    poster version is amazing
  • Obscure

    This is amazing!

    Colored version is perfect.
  • Tom Philibeck

    so awesome!
  • MARTCH24

    like this so much
  • JO3L

    fucking sick design! the detail is impressive!
  • roovie

  • Ciro

    love !!
  • jjworthington

    that print looks great
  • JeffByNight

    great stuff
  • Greg Abbott

  • Beadler

    wow love love it with the lighter colors on white! I want one
  • brian

    Thanks everyone :D
  • Setup85

    Print is incredible!
  • oohdoyle

    Damn , that looks awesome!

    Greg Abbott said:Great!
  • agung maskund

    popmonkey said:Super cool, super tight!
  • FuzzyLogic

    agung maskund said:
    popmonkey said:Super cool, super tight!
  • zooprax

    super creepy mate!
  • x Nau x

    Awesome stuff
  • S-CAPS

    MARTCH24 said:like this so much

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