• kayas

    me like those floral.
    maybe add some varian line shape?
    but this is great!
  • ThirstyFly

    Awesome drawing.
  • TenTimesKarma

    always impressive!
  • JO3L

    sick! the atmosphere in here is fucking awesome! i'd wear this!
  • Tom Philibeck

    love this!
  • Tee Project

    TenTimesKarma said:always impressive!
  • Who is Ryan C.

    Awesome job dude!
  • mathiole

    awesome as usual
  • brian

    really nice. I like the linework.
  • AndyHide

    loving this! so sweet
  • jjworthington

    this wouldve been great for the japan relief submissions
  • chad manzo

    mathiole said:awesome as usual

    superb work.
  • Spence

    so good!
  • deekin

    So good!
    And only two colors?!...
  • sydfly

    chad manzo said:
    mathiole said:awesome as usual

    superb work.
  • Jupit

    I don't get it...
  • skeletorART

  • bleet

    Jupit said:I don't get it...

    people that suffer with hay fever

    mathiole said:awesome as usual
  • Ciro

    Spence said:so good!
  • wotto

    nice work chief
  • dandingeroz


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