watched THE WALL yesterday and inspired this tee.


i've updated the image with the actual tee. as you can see it suffered some changes, specially on the patches, and the frame is coffin-shaped now.

you can see the origianl pic below.

  • JO3L

    dead cowboy
  • popmonkey

    Very good. Very striking.
  • cityhall

  • ThirstyFly

    Yes, it is striking.
  • JO3L

    thanks so much guys!
  • atomicchild

    very cool
  • Who is Ryan C.

    I really like it!
  • TenTimesKarma

    Who is Ryan C. said:I really like it!
  • jjworthington

    hope someone picks this up
  • drop

    this is fucking awesome!!
  • taki tricks

    verryy goood

    Pure fucking badass.
  • 13UG-13th

    popmonkey said:Very good. Very striking.
  • Tom Philibeck

    This is awesome!
  • TwinSrpnt

  • Jason Oddone

    awesome detailing
  • Design by Disorder

    This is pretty damn ball dropping great. Cheers
  • Sam Weinberg

    awesome job dude, liking the frame too.
  • Luke Tarrant

    I think this could look great without the frame and background as a bigger mock on the shirt too like an oversized print. Either way is great
  • JO3L

    thanks a lot guys! i really appreciate all the kind words and likes!!
  • Doomed Youth

    this is rad.
  • JO3L

    Doomed Youth said:this is rad.

  • Redepression

    Dig this one
  • DerickJames

    Doomed Youth said:this is rad.
  • notcore

    comparable o a ketan henson piece ;)
  • uzi

    This rules
  • bleet

    reminds me of evANIMAL work, thats a good thing. Amazing work
  • Eric Larson

    I just was listening to this song and randomly clicked on this tee. Great shit.
  • vinbasshred

    great movie/album, like this shirt lots too
  • JO3L

    Eric Larson said:I just was listening to this song and randomly clicked on this tee. Great shit.

    it's the fate... :)

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