• dobi

    this is awesome, but feels a bit muddy at times
  • dobi

    also why isn't this titled "songbird"
  • nicebleed

    dobi said:also why isn't this titled "songbird"

    Thanks dobi! I think the bird wants to play/scratch the record than to sing! :)
  • VSSL

    dobi said:this is awesome, but feels a bit muddy at times

    I agree... but, its still a wicked job. (y)
  • RobZero

    Great idea! But I also agree with dobi, Songbird would be a cool name for it! but still... good job!
  • weirdmoyo

    awesome concept mr.nicebleed :D
  • heat.

  • kayas

    me just hear a sadly song there,
    nice idea by the way..
  • Matt Borchert

    Love it, but would also love to see a version with some shades of brown for the sticks around the record. I know it throws the color concept a bit, but I think it *could* add some depth with just a few randomly scattered deep brown twigs.

    Just an ideeaaarr.
  • nicebleed

    thanks guys! noted all of that! :)

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