Approved. Boom Boom Pow.

  • Craig Robson

    awesome client! needs more autotune though.
  • Involuntary

    Craig Robson said:awesome client! needs more autotune though.
    Haha exactly
  • migy

  • Adhesive Hippo

    Will.I.Am's getting some action with his right hand. I assume that's what the boom boom pow is referring to in the caption?
  • Anthony Smith

    They do not deserve this design. Lovely stuff.
  • mrdavenport

    Wow huge congrats!
  • RobotTiger

    client envy
  • Who is Ryan C.

    These basic bitch........

    Love the design though, congrats!
  • horacekjoe

    fergie sandwich!
  • oohdoyle

    Attack of the awesome silhouettes!
  • deekin

    They would literally have to pay me double my fee and I would still turn them down.

    Design is cool tho...
  • theraymex

    cool design.
  • Tom Philibeck

    wow, this is rad. I hate BEP, but this rules.
  • kayas

    damn client, me just envy.
    nice design pal!
  • thethundertongue

    amazing as always rob !

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