• Adhesive Hippo

  • Craig Robson

  • gaunty

  • mrdavenport

    Own it in the colored version. One of my favorite shirts!
  • sweetnsour

    cheers dudes
  • RustyEight

    My boss wears this shirt all the time
  • ThirstyFly

    It's a great shirt!

    Wow!! So fucking good, your smileys are a great touch
  • jumpy

  • biotwist

    I got this shirt when it was 40 and I love it still
  • T

    This is awesome! Loving the design. How can I buy one?
  • sweetnsour

    thanks again all

    T just added the buy now button it's just under the like button
  • chad manzo

    you're just too awesome man!!! you should be on juxtapoz. or are you already and i missed it?
  • firr

    soooo good
  • BCHC

    I'd wear it.
  • sweetnsour

    cheers guys

    haha thanks chad, no calls from juxtapoz yet but hopefully one day
  • sebrodbrick


  • alrightok

    nice work!
  • brian

    nice! textures add a nice touch.
  • Pasill

  • rickytypolatoz

  • Design by Disorder

  • Adhesive Hippo

    Congrats! You should do more stuff like this.
  • cityhall

    I saw this finished scoring like two years ago. What happens when they select a shirt to be a threadless select? Does it have to be something that was submitted a long time ago? Does it have to be submitted at all?

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