1 Colour Print

Designed Using Photoshop CS3

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Being used for Dead Note Attire, a Multipurpose Printing Company, with our own Range Of Apparel and we also offer Printing Services From ScreenPrinting to Sublimation
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  • DanielAndHisArt

    This one is really blurry and just looks like a bunch of default preset shapes from photoshop. It would look really odd to me to see that worn considering that mock is huge and the black would be overwhelming.

    The upside cross thing is overrated also. Again, as i said with your last tee, i would try something new and different. Upside down cross, MMX etc is all stuff people tend to do because it is the cool thing to do. Just do your thing.
  • miles to go

    as daniel said, there is nothing interesting about this at all and it looks like stock things tossed together. its just really bland and doesnt do anything new. its less of a design and more of a test for someone new with psd.
  • DeadNoteAttire

    haha i will tell you both something, if you were saying it in a different way i might listen to you but you two are just saying never design anything again give up and go home, next time you write about someones design explain to them how they could make it better not just say how much you hate it, i never got these two printed they were just me testing out this site and seeing what people were like and now i know, no one seems to be helpful here

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