A slight update to design I did a while back. My intentions for this design is not to promote this act depicted in the design, my purpose to is show something lively and beautiful out of a this very sad incident, to promote optimism in down times. I hope you like it and as always, thanks for your support guys :D

Please Vote for this on DBH :D

  • choppre

    Beautiful Death by choppre for DesignByHumans on Mintees
  • Brock May

    I was just looking at your stuff again today, and as soon as I backspace to the tee page you post something lol, awesome work man.
  • heat.

    great colors!
  • ExaltedByMark.

    Thought this was Mathiole from the icon. Great work!
  • choppre

    Thanks guys :D
    @Brock May - yea man I haven't been active for a while so I'm trying to get back on track so look forward for more upcoming :D
  • tager01


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