this is a design comissioned by Science Friction quite some time ago, it just dropped on both tri-blend and regular black shirts. check it out.

  • Who is Ryan C.

    Nice work Craig
  • Beadler

  • Obscure

  • againstbound

    I like it.
  • Ciro

    all your stuff is so great !
  • MonkeyMouth

    Yes! The blue rules!
  • Craig Robson

    thanks so much duderinos..thats just.. like.. your
  • db

    might have to buy this one.
  • db

    might have to buy this one.
  • iloveantix

    This is boss Craig...I mean...Dude!

    Ciro said:all your stuff is so great !
  • sydfly

    nicely done mr. Robson, but not fan of the horn :)
  • Joshua Jordan

    This blew my face off.
  • deekin

    You are just too good buddy...
  • Craig Robson

    thanks guys!
  • reiiz

    This is cool! Great colors!
    The horn needs more work. And the gun handle is a little flat, but overall is a great piece! Congrats!
  • Vedz

    Western look from Craig :)

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