• Lahhh

    Love it
  • Friks84

  • Thonzskie

  • domeh

    love the tits, and the whole concept too..
  • fopifopi

  • markusmanson

  • Friks84

    Thanks- this was a fun project to create- alot of element representing the strip!
  • weirdmoyo

    really love this :D
  • Louis iv

    this is seriously awesome, the more i look at it the more i love it.
  • Friks84

    Appreciating all these comments - thanks guys!
  • jondope3786

  • sydfly

    wow red tits..
  • Vedz

    Thonzskie said:nice
  • Gadget Clothing

    I admire your work a lot keep it up man
  • Friks84

    thanks again everyone for all the compliments
  • ang

    yeah., I love it! :D

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