• DenyRoss

  • Buddy

    I really like your lettering. Do you sketch and scan or work with a Wacom? Very good attention to detail.
  • Friks84

    thanks...it all starts with a sketch...then ink...scan...then vector....
  • mekazoo

    great typo job!
  • Friks84

    thanks mekazoo!
  • Rowan

    It has a nice flow to it.
  • Jd

    My homie...Great work again lol
  • RyanDevine

    This is seriously incredible.
  • chad manzo

    beautiful type.
  • Friks84

    @Rowan@JD@Ryan@chad...thank you all for the comments, greatly appreciated to read your thoughts....
  • Fresh Dough

    Type looks really cool man.
  • drknoche

  • bleet

    awesome type, hate how you frame the mockup though...
  • fopifopi

  • Friks84

    thanks guys!
  • ruimelo

    Looks sweet, but there are a couple spots that could use tweaking. The counter of the "p" bugs me the most, also small spaces where the black of the shirt peaks through like above the first "e" in never or in the last "s" in sleeps should be filled with white - I feel it adds unnecessary tension. Lastly, the same rule with the black, should be appled to the dark green and some spots of white where it slightly peaks through.
  • thethundertongue

    beautiful :D
  • Puenetene

    How can i Purchase this ?
  • RunAmuQ

    Your type is sick!
  • Friks84

    @ Puenetene: Should be up soon @ thefreshnes.com @RunAmuQ, Thanks!
  • Puenetene

    will be on the look out thx
  • xNoYaMx

    This is really great!!
  • trestah

    DOPE!!! Is this one sold?
  • Craftee™

    like the colors!

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