• Victra

    Too many different fonts, you have four fonts here maybe try limiting to two, or finding some that go better together. It would probably be a good idea to try and hand draw the font on the wall to give it a more street art spray painted look! Other than that I like the design and concept!
  • fresh kaufee

    The character is very well done..one font and ur good to go..I can'r really read the word above "the fiji boys" lol
  • Friks84

    I appreciate the contructive critisism- I just went off similar fonts the actual bottle comes with- but thankyou for taking your time to leave a comment- I enjoy others opinion, thoughts, and critiques!
  • Serji Gold

    Everything but the top text is ace! The bottle is so nicely illustrated.
  • Issie Ishiyama

    Creative!...Dope! I actually like all the diff fonts....
  • Jupit

    or maybe instead of using fonts, try lettering yourself?

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