• Friks84

    This is dedicated to all the soldiers that participated in and lost their lives serving our country. Also a great tee to wear coming up 4th of July.
  • OmaszDesign

    wow like it!
  • Friks84

  • fresh kaufee

    schweeet biscuits!
  • martinNZ09

    Oh hell yeah, this is brilliant
  • ren-ren

    (^^)b +1

    Love it
  • Jason Carne

    Pretty cool, but the bottom kind of read as "Browe" to me at first (even though I know it says Brave).
  • Dr_Worm

    looks like 'brows'
  • Andrew Haines

    It reads more "Home of the brows"
  • Jupit

    Andrew Haines said:It reads more "Home of the brows"

    "browe"... that's what I read
  • mekazoo

    damn you're good with the letters!
  • Friks84

    Thanks For all the comments- love reading what everyone has to say!
  • absolutee

    Does your designs start as sketches?.. then go into illustrator? I love your style.
  • Friks84

    @absolutee: thanks! yea I sketch, scan, vector, and then color!
  • kaybee.creation

    sir friks84 can i have an soft copy of your design i so very like that i wait your reply advance thankyou .:"))
  • freshbacon

    great job Friks84.. love color

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