• Adhesive Hippo

    Nicely done
  • Zeb Love

  • Kyle Crawford

    this is good...
    wish it wasnt just a rehash of this
    still cool though

  • JeffByNight

    who did the mos eisley design?

    either way, this is cool
  • Kyle Crawford

    he did, thats what I was saying
    it would have been better if it werent so similar
    I usually do same styles for bands too. but im familiar with his work and was excited to see this and remembered i saw it somewhere before
    not belittling it or anything. still a great piece
  • david.s

    clever, i like it! but damn, you ripped your own design lol.

    Adhesive Hippo said:Nicely done
  • ExaltedByMark.

    This is amazing :)

    I love everything you do Swiss!
  • cmeyers

    i like that the glow effect is achieved while still having solid lines.
  • Fresh Dough

    Looks great!
  • austin pardun

    Classy as fuck

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