Possible Uneetee or DBH submission unless you guys think it would be a better genre submission elsewhere.

Considering printing it as a screen printed poster as well.

  • godsloadedsociety

    start to finish this thing has been and is incredible.
  • quakerninja

    Id get a poster of colored and b&w milk it.
    If dbh gets it don't you have to wait 90 days before you can print. I say go for it.
  • jsheldon

    Def would be a sweet poster. I would say DBH would more likely print this one, but I'm not sure.
  • chrisrushing

    i don't really like the background texture, i feel like if you took that away it'd have more contrast... on the mockup its almost impossible to tell whats going on.

    regardless, crazy line work!
  • jfinley

    Yeah I really like this, but what those other guys are saying about the design really makes sense. Tone down that background shade or get rid of it altogether.
  • collisiontheory

    jaynajaynajayna said: I think that voters over at DBH would probably over look this since they mostly like colorful nonsense, no matter how well drawn something is.

    I think it looks incredible with that bluegreengray color in the link though.

    I don't quite agree .. although there are a lot of "colorful nonsense" being printed all the top sellers are almost colorless/monochromatic.
  • wotto

    nice artwork

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