One of the designs I did for the new Clandestine Industries release.
Hope you dig it!

  • cruise

    the town quote :) nice work dude.
  • ThirstyFly

    Really good.
  • Jamers

    cheers guys
  • Tee Project

    ThirstyFly said:Really good.
  • gaunty

    This came out nice mate.
  • Jamers

    thanks buddy :)
  • Craig Robson

    the work you did for this release is super good!

    love the DIY vibe of this

    This is impressive!

    cruise said:the town quote :) nice work dude.

    though, not nearly as impressive that someone actually remembered that movie to quote it!
  • Jamers

    thanks guys.
    was fun doing some stuff different to my normal style of work.
  • gotenx oldschool

    love it!
  • Glenn

    Nice work Jamers!
  • cherrypistols

    Awesome work man!
  • oohdoyle

    Love it!
  • adam.

    So good dude!

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