available on Warped tour from everyones fave band.

  • Who is Ryan C.

    Awesome job dude
  • therewassomethingwrong

    Yes, Craig!
  • Butch the Butcher

  • Glenn

  • Craig Robson

    thanks guys, this ones a bear too.
  • Joshua Jordan

    Craig Robson said:thanks guys, this ones a bear too.

    This one looks like a squirrel.
  • Dr_Worm

    color is fantisimo. I like the battle scars
  • Tom Philibeck

    Joshua Jordan said:
    Craig Robson said:thanks guys, this ones a bear too.

    This one looks like a squirrel.

    I thought it was a black panther. Gosh, I'm so stupid. Now I can totally see it's a squirrel.
  • Miguel Abreu

    wow woow wooooow
  • Betraydan

    great work as always Mr Robson.
  • ialoneambest

    I like this one way better than the usual. Always respect the style but not always my thing. This one is perdy.
  • Craig Robson

    thanks a bunch everyone! i may have lied a little, this ones a turtle!
  • Cutty.

  • deekin

    Totally gnarly to the max dude!
  • gaunty

    I drew battle cat last week aswell. Mine was wearing his helmet though so no rip, you're lucky.
  • Sol Amstutz

    Awesome colors on this one
  • Luke Tarrant

    Ed Hardy rip ;)

  • Nick La Rocca

    i wish it was a different band so i could wear it haha, great work craig
  • 8-bit ZOMBIE

    Sol Amstutz said:Awesome colors on this one

    Cutty. said:BATTLE CAT!

    deekin said:Totally gnarly to the max dude!

    therewassomethingwrong said:Yes, Craig!
  • Greg Abbott

  • Craig Robson

    thanks you lovely people!

    Sol Amstutz said:Awesome colors on this one
  • ThirstyFly

    Nicely done and awesome colors.
  • Jason Carne

    It's a shame this band has a shirt that cool.
  • Christopher Lovell

    Utterly Sublime!
  • gutterjim

    right on, another awesome job
  • mark bennett

    So sick my dude
  • Dyreliv

    The colors are amazing on this! Great job Craig!
  • Crushem2011

    Intense. Very cool :)
  • Craig Robson

    thanks a lot guys!
  • 110specialblack

    bear coretastic!
  • edson_16

    cool..! how much..!
  • Nik

    Awesome!! do you know which colorway they went with?
  • Brock May

    definitely a favorite man!
  • xjoshuabelangerx

    cheetahs rule
  • drop

    so fucking amazing!
  • Craig Robson

    thanks dudes!
  • Benjamin Lam

    Your consistency in composition, strokes and colour is AMAZING!
  • jeremiah was a

    How did I miss this? freakin' slays man!
  • AndyHide

    love it!! so awesome :D

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