This week is full of western themed comission works,this is my second southern ,cowboy design.

  • Sol Amstutz

    Dig the illo, but the text needs some work.
  • Brock May

    Sol Amstutz said:Dig the illo, but the text needs some work.
  • agung maskund


    Love your work. I think it would look soooo much better if you thined up the square in the background make the wings and bones stick out a bit on the sides.
  • OmaszDesign

    again a master piece!
  • NVasion

    awesome work, I'm not sure but to me it looks like the snake scales are flowing into the wrong direction.

    So damn good!!
  • rasefour

  • d4.

    agung maskund said:rad
  • dandingeroz

  • skeletorART

    this is awesome! the skull looks great!
  • devilreject

  • sydfly

    sooo damn good!!!
  • TIRI

  • Lovka

    love the details..
  • Bob Kawa

    Really cool but the perspective on the gun seems a little off to me.
  • RTB

    agung maskund said:rad
  • ThirstyFly

    I love this drawing.
  • yogadzawara

    ThirstyFly said:I love this drawing.
  • streetouts

    agung maskund said:rad
  • Nicolas Dubuisson Artwork

    Old one but always good !

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