For my final major project at foundation I set up a clothing company, printed all the stock, built a set and conducted a photoshoot.
This is the first one of the bunch and my personal favourite.
I've sold most of the locally already, and now have a few left overs and one-offs that I've set up a bigcartel for.
Feedback would as ever, be appreciated.

  • skytree

  • Joshua Jordan

    This rules. I've wanted to draw a church for a while now and this is pushing me to it.
  • The big one

    a little sex appeal haha
  • Dr_Worm

    awesome man, I want to do something like this.
  • Brock May

    fantastic! I wish you guys had smalls though ):
  • Tom Philibeck

    This is super rad.

    The big one said:a little sex appeal haha

    nope boomsex

    yikes bad ass!!!
  • jchristopher

    Very cool; I'm game for any well-composed design involving crowns and churches.
  • ChrisNeal

    Cheers for all the comments guys, really appreciate it. There may be more sizes soon, depending on what the Uni gives me back.
  • xic

    sweet job, looks so good on that chick

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