My resume package includes; a hand printed tee, grocery bag paper tag & a hand written note (on grocery bag paper) containing the necessary contact information.

A pretty inexpensive project that has a better impact than an email blast.

  • fopifopi

  • El Presidente

    is that for real your resume? it's insanely a great idea.
  • horacekjoe

    Yeppers, I actually dropped a couple off today. Well excluding the marker, tape, ruler etc.

  • deekin

  • chad manzo

    hot damn!!! that's so awesome!!!!
  • gaunty

    Clever as. I'd hire you.

    chad manzo said:hot damn!!! that's so awesome!!!!
  • Chreck

  • FuzzyInk

    This is awesome!

  • Christiane

    so good.
  • i came from nothing

  • Sol Amstutz

    Very clever idea
  • _starryeyez_

  • InNovember

    What the dude above me said!
  • RobotTiger

    hmm, love what you got going on. First time i checked out your website and I'm definitely impressed. Great work
  • Betraydan

    best mockup since forever , so into this man. great job.
  • Who is Ryan C.

    I dig it

    Love it! Every job definitely needs a Joe!

    Great idea!!
  • cityhall

  • tron_beardsley

    unadulterated badassery!
  • Getbetter

    If I could employ you I would! Amazing!
  • Setup85

    Super nice.
  • downrodeo

    That is damn clever of you man. Good luck with the job hunt, most impressive resume I've ever seen!
  • La Muerta

    tron_beardsley said:unadulterated badassery!
  • Loud Silence

    That's awesome!
  • Random

  • horacekjoe

    Thanks a bunch everyone! I really didn't expect this much publicity. I hope I can land some job soon.
  • chriskillerartworx

    looks so awesome! great job joe!
  • kyleidoscope

    really out of the box thinking, great!
  • mightyfahmi

    everyone needs this shirt
  • OpenHeart Apparel

    Awesomely creative. Clever shirts/concept!!
  • lazyeye

    Such a personal touch with this, well done Joe. Please come apply at my work so that I can get this T-Shirt.
  • horacekjoe

    lazyeye said:Such a personal touch with this, well done Joe. Please come apply at my work so that I can get this T-Shirt.

    Let me know where and I will make it happen.
  • streetouts

    fopifopi said:WOW!!
  • Teezine

    Very creative and awesome looking!
  • Brock May

    damn right this got tee of the day!

    Good Luck! Check out my post ;-)!/GalleriaT
  • Wyndelle Remonde

    this is very lovely

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