Our project, The N-spired Story, www.nspiredstory.com, is the first ever book written by the world and printed on the unique medium of the interactive t-shirt. Through interesting stories, news, videos, or whatever else might inspire someone, we create a t-shirt and a social act. The t-shirt itself is interactive, so just by downloading a free image recognition app and pointing your mobile phone at the design, the t-shirt itself tells the story of the chapter.

In this month's chapter, Faceless, the story was a first-hand account of the 1st night a young writer not having a home, and finding himself sleeping in the doorway of a bank. The experience started to change the way he began to think about himself, and how people started to see him as just another faceless homeless person. The French street artist 3TTMAN designed the t-shirt as well as helped with the construction of the house.


  • chad manzo

    DOOOM said:Wonderful!
  • cityhall

    crazy and so amazing
  • dougie

    Really nice idea, good work.
  • bleet

    would wear, awesome work
  • matt901

    Yeah I'd rock this
  • The N-spired Story

    Thanks for all feedback. T-shirt is actually on sale at www.nspiredstory.com

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