Great Mind's Think Otherwise

Part of Stheart's Spring 2011 launch.

  • Smiths Canvas

  • horacekjoe

    well put
  • bleet

    loves it

    love the DIY art direction
  • jeremiah was a

  • MonkeyMouth

    I kinda like this. Being from denmark where we use the O with the line through it, i cant help to think that its pointing in the wrong direction. its Ø. If it was your intention to make an Ø, like in underoath ofcourse.
  • RRAL

    I am inspired by this design. I like it a lot, like much of your stuff.

    What kind/brand t-shirt is that, it looks like a killer shade of dark gray heather, but even darker than the anvil 50/50 heather black. Its a cool looking shirt and the shade of yellow fits perfectly.
  • Josh Elowsky

    reminds me of something you'd see scrawled on the rusty door of a rat-rod, so rad
  • bubslove

    This is awesome!

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