Vancouver based Hamburger Disco just recently got the chance to open a pop up store for the month of April and for their release, hand picked 9 of the best designers/artists from around Vancouver to create designs! Matt from HD contacted me asking if I would do a design for them, and of course I was thrilled. As a portion of their brand draws influence from 8-Bit video games and other such things, I decided to create an 8-Bit Hamburger for my design! Turned out awesome and the print looks great as well.

Check them out on the web, great brand run by a group of great dudes!

  • ET

    i love this
  • .Ragnampiza

  • Chreck

    I'll take 20
  • Death Magik

    Looks good, would wear this...
  • cmeyers

    haha..... i chuckled out loud.
  • Deformed Giraffe

    That's a tasty burger!
  • khay

    Thanks fellas, appreciate all the comments.
  • sockmonkee

    Print looks great!
  • jumpy

    mmmm im lovin it!!
  • ithew

    Love this
    makes me hungry

    make a pizza on now too
  • khay

    Thanks all!
  • chad manzo

    ithew said:Love this
    makes me hungry

    make a pizza on now too
  • mekazoo

  • Who is Ryan C.

    Awesome job dude!
  • khay

  • WinterArtwork

    what a fun design!
  • qetza

    Very cool and fun design. You could do a whole series.
  • Edward Teabelly

  • jobe

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