5 print colours.

  • atomicchild

    very cool
  • dunz0

  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Jimmy!
    Thanks Sirb!
    Thanks Bo!
  • Brock May

  • Adhesive Hippo

    I think the outline may need to be a little thicker. I didn't even notice the text until I read the title.
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Brock!
    Thanks for your feedback Adhesive Hippo!
  • gaunty

    I agree, bit tricky to read this one. Kind of makes it a nice suprise when you do though.
  • fopifopi

  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Colin!
    Thanks fopifopi!
  • kuwahara

    If I ever see you in person, I'll french you Greg!
  • Tee Project

    If I ever start doing kids tee shirts your my first person to email
  • Subekti Siswandono

    Nice Greg...
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks kuwahara!
    Thanks Justin!
    Thanks Tee Project!
    Thanks Subekti!

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