Thanks for all the feedback and love guys.

Still not to late to vote for my other shirt:


    do you do pre sketches for these or just go with it? they always turn out amazing
  • OptimisticDesigns

    Now THIS is awesome.
  • 13UG-13th

    Cool :)
  • Bob Kawa

    SO good.
  • pray

    cool maaan!!
  • Jake Ward

  • cumix47

    13UG-13th said:Cool :)
  • wienqie

    like your style :)
  • fopifopi

  • ThirstyFly

    Really nice graphic pattern look!
  • Cutty.

    OCTOPHANT! This came out so sweet, I'd LOVE a hoodie printed like that.
  • jchristopher

    pre-sketches are for girls...

    I kid, I kid (or do I).

    Rocking as always QN and I dig the mock-up.
  • sebasebi

    Great art man, really cool
  • Holy.Diver n sweet guys..i like it
  • Nigel1904

  • ferduxcazares

    Hi,will you be interest in give me your design to make in on a cycling jersey for my brand? every time i sell one i will pay you lets say $10 dlls, until it reaches a $100 dlls, then it will be mine? some times after one print I get orders from just one customer of 10 pieces, then i will pay yo the $90 dlls together. if you interest please shoot me an email. or a message here. thanks body.
  • SteveOramA

    random TOTD. Nice!

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