3 print colours.


    Still my fav on here
  • _starryeyez_

    Sweet as usual.
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Gnarzilla!
    Thanks Starryeyez!
    Thanks Artbysirb!
  • martinNZ09

    SO damn good, you never fail to impress
  • Willy Wolf

    Artbysirb said:Type rules.

    So good.

    martinNZ09 said:SO damn good, you never fail to impress
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks martinNZ09!
    Thanks Willy Wolf!
    Thanks Flaming Skull!
  • TylerBramer

    Artbysirb said:Type rules.

    I agree the type is great!
  • Andrew Haines

    Love that typework
  • quakerninja

    It says wood, and is underlined with a twig. I wanted you to know that I noticed and appreciate that.
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Tyler!
    Thanks Andrew!
    Thanks Quaker!
  • tuftuffypack

    love the leaf, very usefull the combination color
  • 13UG-13th

    Lovely :)
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Tuftuffypack!
    Thanks 13ug-13th!

    The lettering on this is great!
  • sockmonkee

    i like this one!
  • kuwahara

  • Brewer Arts

    This is great. Type is awesome but it is not just the treatment but how well it goes with the image that makes this design kick ass!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Castle!
    Thanks Sockmonkee!
    Thanks kuwahara!
    Thanks Brewer!
  • DenyRoss

    one of my favorite pieces by you greg :)
  • aztrayart

    I dont know is that bear or mouse, but I love it :)

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